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For over 100 years, the name The Educational Company of Ireland has been synonymous with excellence in publishing. That tradition continues today, with our exciting range of textbooks and ancillary educational materials for the Primary and Post-Primary markets. Based in Ballymount Road, Walkinstown, Dublin 12, we have a sales and marketing team which visits schools and local traders in the 26 counties of Ireland. 

How to go about it

The Educational Company of Ireland commissions many practising teachers, examiners and advisers to write our best-selling publications. We are always looking for new talent and would be very interested to hear from you if you have an idea for publication. All subject areas are of interest, so why not contact us to discuss your proposal. All ideas will be treated in confidence:

Declan Dempsey

The Educational Company of Ireland

Ballymount Road, Walkinstown, Dublin 12


Proposal Guidelines

We look forward to receiving your proposal based on our guidelines. On submission, your proposal will be sent out for review by one or more external advisors chosen by us for their specialist expertise. By submitting the following five items we can assess and review your proposal from a sales/marketing/educational basis:

1.       A Brief Description of the Project’s Scope and Content

·   Provide a description of what makes your project different from existing publications.

·   Explain how it will benefit the teacher and student, and also include information about the topic coverage, important features and the approach you intend to take.

2.       Table of Contents

The subheadings will give us and the reviewers a feel for the depth of the project and its approach.

3.       Sample Chapter

Include a sample chapter that is integral to your project so that we can assess your writing style, your method of presentation and your overall treatment of the subject.

4.       Additional Information

Please indicate how long you expect the project to be overall (in number of words or printed pages). Also, please indicate if you envisage using illustrations, such as tables, charts, photographs etc. and if so, approximately how many.

5.       Biographical details

Some biographical information would also be useful for our sales and marketing staff, specifically the number of years you have taught the subject and where.

Please remember that any new product has to be in line with current market trends and curriculum changes, and has to be easy to use by the majority of teachers.    


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