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The Educational Company of Ireland is Ireland's leading educational publisher. We have been publishing primary and post primary textbooks aligned to the Irish curriculum for over 100 years.

This website has been split into three areas:

1. Students and parents
2. Teachers
3. Booksellers

Each area has been tailored specifically to the needs of the individual user.

1. Students/Parents: Buy books online

Read information on each of our textbooks and purchase them within minutes.

With many of our Post Primary textbooks we have designed an online student testing facility, which will enhance the revision of material from the textbook. Also included are links to our bestselling revision series Revise Wise.

2. Teachers: Read about our books and resources

Detailed information of our new and backlist titles is now available on our website. Also listed are the additional teacher's resources which go with our textbooks when a class set is purchased.

Teachers can find information about upcoming events, digital products and their local area representative contact information.

For any budding authors, please go to the "Submit a Proposal" tab in the teachers section.

Order teacher material

To order any of the teacher material, simply email/fax/post your booklist to the details at the bottom of this page. Remember to state which title you require the additional material for.

3. Booksellers: Buy books online

Following feedback from individual bookshops we have included an online purchasing facility in the booksellers section. We hope that you will find this useful; it should save you a great deal of time when inputting orders.

Also included is detailed information on our textbooks which should assist you in answering any queries your customers may have.

We welcome your suggestions

Got some suggestions on how we can improve our site or service? All comments are welcome, please email info@edco.ie

Disclaimer: This valuable information resource is provided for your convenience for informational purposes only. We do not control and are not responsible for the content of any linked sites.

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Visit our FAQ section for help on a range of topics.  Alternatively contact us for further information.

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