Exercise Your English B

By Breda Courtney Murphy, Edel McCarthy Cronin & Frances Arthur

Exercise Your English is a fantastic new series of colourful activity books, written by experienced primary teachers, for children from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. Exercise Your English integrates Language, Phonics, Grammar, Poetry, Writing, Reading and Comprehension throughout the series in a fun and engaging manner.

  • A structured programme in Language, Phonics, Grammar, Poetry, Writing, Reading and Comprehension.
  • Written in line with the Revised Primary School Curriculum, covering all Strands and Strand Units for English in a coulourful and simple format.
  • An excellent use of pictures and photos ensures that all eight books are bright, colourful and appealing to children.
  • Contents pages are clearly laid out and easy to use.
  • Each Class Lesson is carefully planned to ensure continuity and progression within each book and across the entire eight books in the series.
  • All 26 letters of the alphabet are included in Book A, rather than being spread over two years.
  • Provides a comprehensive bank of activities which are varied and engaging.
  • Offers linkage and opportunities for integration with other curricular areas.
  • Colourful bands provide a handy reference for the teachers , indicating skills being taught and assisting with Lesson Plans/Yearly Schemes.
  • Provides a mix of Fiction/Non-Fiction reading books for Middle and Senior Classes, including a variety of traditional and contemporary extracts.
  • Revision Chapters , with fun activities, are included in all books from First to Sixth Class.
  • A Certificate of Completion is provided at the back of Books A, B, 1 and 2.
Class: Senior Infants 
Format: Textbook
Price: €8.15
Further Information
Class:Senior Infants 
Programme:Exercise Your English
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