Operation Maths 1 - At School Book & Assessment

By Annette Black
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Operation Maths is a new, exciting and original primary maths programme, with fully integrated digital resources. A ground-breaking maths programme, it has been developed specifically for the Irish market to meet the needs of primary schools, teachers and pupils.

  • Operation Maths focuses on the acquisition and development of mathematical skills, as outlined in the Primary school curriculum
  • A significant emphasis has been placed on active, collaborative learning with multiple opportunities for children to learn from one another through engaging in Pair Work and small group activities
  • Problem-solving is at the heart of this programme, with dedicated problem-solving pages throughout the books designed to build resilient learners
  • The use of twenty frames is extensive, and a laminated twenty frame is also provided with the At School Book. Children can use counters with their twenty frames for an active learning experience and a visual image of the composition of number. This leads to increased ability in mental maths
  • The At School Book includes self-assessment on every page
  • The Try This! feature can be used for early finishers and for differentiation
  • There is a strong focus on the revision of concepts for a range of learning styles, which is a cornerstone in mathematical learning
  • The Home–School Links section in the At Home Book suggests ways in which parents and guardians can support the development of their child’s mathematical skills.
  • Mini whiteboards accompany the series, promoting active involvement in a whole-class setting, as well as providing instant feedback and enabling teacher assessment
  • Teacher e-book available on www.edcolearning.ie
Class: 1st Class 
Format: Activity Book
Price: €14.95
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Class:1st Class 
Programme:Operation Maths
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