Connect with Maths - Introduction to Junior Cycle (e-book: 1 Academic Year Licence)

By John McKeown, Michelle Kelly & Gillian Russell

New Connect with Maths-Introduction to junior Cycle is fully in line with the new NCCA specification for Maths. It provides the necessary base for both Higher and Ordinary Level students to advance in 2nd Year to the Connect with Maths text for either Ordinary Level or Higher Level.

  • Completely revised algebra section with extra questions to ensure that all students can gain confidence in this vital topic
  • Concrete examples followed by plenty of questions for class-work and homework
  • Exam-style questions at the end of each chapter
  • Written to¬† suit a mixed-ability target audience, with a literacy focus
  • Clear key information boxes and definition boxes as well as class activity and discussion boxes
  • Beautifully designed using a student-friendly layout
  • Concise chapters which are logically subdivided using section numbers for easy reference
  • Many real-life examples and exercises throughout the book
  • Summaries at the end of each chapter to ensure that key learning objectives have been achieved
  • Key words section at the end of each chapter
  • Geometry activities include questions to help students to engage with the proofs of theorems as required in the new specification
  • Connection Boxes encourage the use of cross-over knowledge in problem-solving
  • An innovative approach to presenting statistics shows students how to colIect, present, analyse and interpret data from their own class as preparation for the statistical investigation Classroom-based Assessment
  • Completely revised linear patterns and sequences chapter
Class: 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year 
Format: Edco e-book
Price: €9.70
Further Information
Also available as:Textbook 
Class:1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year 
Exam:Junior Cert
Suitable Levels:For Post Primary, Higher Level, Ordinary Level
Publisher:The Educational Company of Ireland (Edco)
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