Cinnte! 1 Eagrán Nua (e-book: 3 Academic Year Licence)

By Yvonne O'Toole & Elizabeth Wade

Cinnte! 1 Eagrán Nua incorporates guidelines from the NCCA, JCT and PDST to deliver a comprehensive and engaging package for 1st Year Irish.

The Cinnte! 1 Eagrán Nua package includes:

  • A Student Textbook
  • Leabhar Féinmheasúnaithe
  • Two Students’ CDs 
  • A Free Student e-Book with embedded audio
  • A Free Student Website with  interactive activities and quizzes
  • A Teacher’s Resource Pack:
    • Teacher’s Resource Book – with NEW Planning Templates and Schemes  of Work
    • A Teacher’s CD 
  • Extensive Digital Resources
Class: 1st Year 
Format: Edco e-book
Price: €22.70
Further Information
Class:1st Year 
Exam:Junior Cert
Suitable Levels:Higher Level, Ordinary Level
Publisher:The Educational Company of Ireland (Edco)
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