Bon Travail 2 - 3rd Edition (incl. FREE e-book)

By Geraldine McQuillan, Marie Stafford, Carmel Timmins

A visually attractive and completely updated edition of Bon Travail ! 2 covering the Junior Certificate syllabus at Ordinary and Higher levels.

  • Suitable for a mixed-ability class with different levels of questions in each unit
  • Covers the key four exam skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – in a concise and straightforward layout
  • Updated to include vocabulary of the twenty-first century teenage world
  • Clearly stated learning objectives at the start of each unit
  • Students’ reading skills developed using engaging contemporary articles adapted from real French materials
  • Ample practice of the key writing elements of the Junior Certificate exam including postcards, notes and formal and informal letters
  • Increased number of listening tests and exercises
  • New pre-exam tests provide additional examination practice, as well as reinforcement and revision
  • Personal Assessment Grid at the end of each unit enabling students to assess their individual progress and discover what they need to spend more time on
  • A final chapter focusing on the examination itself provides complete Junior Certificate-style papers, together with phrase banks and valuable hints and advice
  • Free Student CDs
Class: 2nd Year, 3rd Year 
Format: Textbook
Price: €33.95
Further Information
Class:2nd Year, 3rd Year 
Exam:Junior Cert
Suitable Levels:Higher Level, Ordinary Level

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