By Yvonne O'Toole & Elizabeth Wade

New Fuinneamh is a Leaving Certificate Ordinary text written to reflect the New Leaving Cert Irish Syllabus from the Department of Education and Skills.

  •  A colourful, clear, student-friendly approach to Leaving Certificate Irish
  • A detailed Grammar Section includes plenty of exercises which will - enable students to correctly and accurately write and speak the language
  • Oral work is integrated throughout the text, to reflect the change in emphasis to 40% of the Leaving Certificate Examination
  • Picture Sequences in Oral Section revised in line with DES guidelines
  • Now includes a FREE Picture Sequence Booklet containing the 20 picture sequences that will appear in the 2012 Oral Exam with support vocabulary and questions
  • Fuinneamh now also contains a new and comprehensive Oral Unit containing:
    • A list of question words
    • Subjects commonly examined
    • Key vocabulary
    • Follow up revision exercises
    • Extensive notes to facilitate learning
    • A set of five picture sequences with relevant text reflecting the picture sequences that appear in the Oral exam
  • 20 reading comprehensions, are graded starting with short comprehensions and progressing to longer ones similar to the ones required for the Leaving Certificate Examination
  • Composition is presented clearly, covering a range of subjects, with lots of samples and exercises for class and homework
  • A comprehensive Aural Section, reflects the new examination and includes repeats
  • Additional Aural Examinations are provided in the Free Teacher’s Book
  • Student-friendly, clear and concise summaries of stories and poems
  • The prose extracts, film and the poems are examined in detail with analysis, exam-style questions and sample answers
  • Key phrases highlighted throughout, with plenty of exercises to familiarise students with key phrases and points
  • Sample exam questions with sample answers, help reinforce main points and phrases required for the Leaving Certificate Examination
  • Two free Students’ CDs contain all the sample questions and answers from the oral chapter and five aural exercises including repeats as in the exam
  • Now includes a FREE Picture Sequence Booklet containing the 20 picture sequences that will appear in the 2012 Oral Exam with support vocabulary and questions
  • Digital versions of 'Sraith Pictiúr' ar available to download from  edco.ie/fiuntas-agus-fuinneamh



Class: 5th Year, 6th Year 
Format: Textbook
Price: €33.95
Further Information
Class:5th Year, 6th Year 
Exam:Leaving Cert
Suitable Levels:Ordinary Level

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