European Retreat from Empire 1945-90 (e-book: 1 Academic Year Licence)

By Stephen Tonge & M.E. Collins

This is a one academic year licence for the e-book version of this text. It covers European Retreat from Empire and the Aftermath, 1945–1990. The New Compulsory Later Modern History of Europe and the Wider World – Topic 5 for the Documents-Based Question, to be examined in 2012 and 2013.

  • An exam-focused text, suitable for Ordinary and Higher Level students with user-friendly language used throughout.
  • Full-colour layout, supported by maps, illustrations and photographs.
  • Provides in-depth coverage of the elements relevant to the case studies under the three perspectives
    • Politics and administration
    • Society and economy
    • Culture and religion
  • Deals in detail with the three Case Studies:
    • British withdrawal from India, 1945-1947
    • The secession of Katanga, 1960-1965
    • Race relations in France in the 1980s
  • Key concepts  are highlighted and clearly explained.
  • Key personalities  are discussed in the context of the events in which they made their contributions.
  • Includes a large section of exam-type questions to test students, help to advance their learning and skills, and aid revision
    • Basic recall questions
    • Essay  questions
    • Leaving Cert documents-based sample questions for Ordinary and Higher Level students.
  • Provides a list of useful websites.
  • A support website with further links, sample essay plans and podcasts from the authors is available to download.


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Class: 5th Year, 6th Year 
Format: Edco e-book
Price: €5.50 (Ex. VAT: €5.01)
Further Information
Also available as:Textbook 
Class:5th Year, 6th Year 
Exam:Leaving Cert
Suitable Levels:Higher Level, Ordinary Level
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