Connect with Maths 2 (incl. FREE e-book)

By John McKeon, Gillian Russell, Michelle Kelly

New programme for Junior Cycle Project Maths

  • Connect With Maths 2 builds on Connect With Maths 1 and is intended to be used by Higher Level students towards the end of Second Year or from the start of Third Year
  • A clear, concise layout indicating where all of the strands are interlinked
  • Each chapter has learning outcomes, worked examples, activities, a revision section, exam-style questions, key points and summaries
  • Answers are included at the back of the book
  • Digital Resources with highly flexible interactive tools, GeoGebra interactivities, animated constructions, videos, interactive quizzes, e-books and lots more
  • Connect with Maths 1 & 2 come with a FREE Student Workbook
  • A comprehensive Teacher Resource Book includes month-by-month guides, scheme-of-work-timelines, notes on how to approach each chapter, useful websites and sets of fully worked solutions
Class: 2nd Year, 3rd Year 
Format: Textbook
Price: €28.45
Further Information
Also available as:Edco e-book 
Class:2nd Year, 3rd Year 
Exam:Junior Cert
Suitable Levels:For Post Primary, Higher Level
Published:March 2014
Publisher:The Educational Company of Ireland (Edco)
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