By Anne Potts & Nodlaig O’Grady

SPHE 3 is the final text to complete the series of vibrant activity-based books for Junior Cycle SPHE.

  • These colourful books are engaging and written in a simple, student-friendly manner
  • All topics, learning outcomes and assessment requirements of the SPHE Curriculum are covered
  • The books include a wide variety of student-focused material and methodologies – such as role play, quizzes, geographical voting, debates and cartoon strips
  • Each topic takes the students through the material in logical steps that relate the learning to their own experience
  • A Learning Log at the end of each topic provides students with opportunities to reflect on their learning
  • A Module Review at the end of each module consolidates learning from that module, and it helps students to identify links with other topics in SPHE and with other subjects
  • Excellent referencing and linking from module to module and year to year is provided
  • Sections on tact and etiquette, and appropriateness in communication are featured
  • Written by two very experienced SPHE teachers, both of whom have worked for the SPHE Support Service and provided in-service training for teachers
  • A Detailed Teachers Book is available with this text
  • The online version of the textbook is available on edcodigital.JPG alongside a range of ICT resources designed to support the teaching of SPHE.


Class: 3rd Year 
Format: Textbook
Further Information
Class:3rd Year 
Exam:Junior Cert
Suitable Levels:Higher Level, Ordinary Level

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