Iontas 3 (incl. FREE e-book)

By Yvonne O’Toole, Elizabeth Wade

A brand new and comprehensive Irish text for Junior Cert Higher Level students.

• A building-block approach allows students to develop their skills in a logical manner

• Oral, aural, reading and writing skills are developed extensively

• Reading comprehensions and modern communication methods feature throughout

• Students are taught each topic in an engaging, simple no-fuss manner, with a particular focus on writing paragraphs and messages and on telling stories

• Iontas 3 is packed with sample essays, stories, debates and articles, and a unit that focuses on guidelines for writing these aspects of the course

• Prose and poetry are studied comprehensively, with guidelines and questions and sample answers

• A wide variety of exercises reinforce learning, including questions to be answered and composed, fill-in-the-blanks, spot-the-difference, true-or-false and matching exercises

• Integrated aural work relates directly to the topic in each unit and contains exam-style Cluastuiscint questions

• Oral exam preparation is included with sample questions and answers for all topics

• A dedicated Oral unit covers the ‘Sraith Pictiúr’ and role play, with vocabulary and sample conversations

• Pair and group work throughout helps to develop the spoken language

• Vocabulary used in the exams is repeated regularly in each chapter

• A clear emphasis is placed on literacy and oral skills

• Iontas 3 features an integrated approach to grammar, as well as a dedicated unit dealing with the main aspects of Irish grammar

• Comprehensive use is made of dictations and FACSS (Féach, Abair, Clúdaigh, Scríobh agus Seiceáil) exercises to help students to get to grips with spelling

• A revision page is included in every themed unit

• A comprehensive revision booklet provides tests for each topic

• A free Teacher’s Resource Pack includes a Teacher’s Resource Book with additional material for the written and aural exams, and extra reading comprehensions


Class: 2nd Year, 3rd Year 
Format: Textbook
Price: €32.75
Further Information
Also available as:Edco e-book 
Class:2nd Year, 3rd Year 
Exam:Junior Cert
Suitable Levels:Higher Level
Published:April 2013

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