Fiúntas Nua (e-book: 1 Academic Year Licence)

By Mícheál Ó Ruairc, Yvonne O’Toole, Elizabeth Wade

This is a one academic year licence for the e-book version of Fiúntas Nua. New Fiúntas is a comprehensive one-volume Leaving Certificate Higher Level text written to reflect the New Leaving Cert Irish Syllabus from the Department of Education and Skills.

  • The new layout, illustrations, artwork and photography are all geared towards making the material accessible and student-friendly

  • Oral activities  throughout will help to prepare students for the oral exam now worth 40% of the Leaving Cert Examination

  • Picture Sequences in Oral Unit  revised in line with DES guidelines

  • A new and dedicated Oral Unit which will fully prepare students for the oral exam contains

    • A list of question word
    • Subjects commonly examined
    • Key vocabulary
    • Follow-up revision exercises
    • Extensive notes to facilitate learning
    • Five Picture Sequences with text reflecting the new Picture Sequences in the Oral Exam
  • The Ceapadóireacht Unit includes 13  contemporary topics - 
    • Section on essay writing, including essay phrases and seanfhocail
    • Section on how to compose a story
    • Sample essays and pointers on how to write essays
    • Website links with topics, ensuring access to  the most up-to-date facts on each topic and to encourage student research
    • A list of facts associated with each subject
    • Topics are covered step-by-step to develop students knowledge and vocabulary – short paragraphs with comprehension and translation exercises are also included
  • Prose and Poetry  are presented in a bright, colourful comprehensive student-and teacher-friendly manner

    • An extensive and comprehensive glossary of the difficult vocabulary and terminology used in stories/poems is provided
    • Each story/poem has
      • a summary
      • is accompanied by detailed and thorough notes
      • sample questions and answers: both general and exam-focussed
      • character analysis
  • Each individual Reading Comprehension extract is accompanied by a series of questions and assignments
  • The Léamhthuiscint Section includes 18 up-to-date and modern Reading Comprehensions.
    • Ceart na Teanga information boxes accompany all extracts in this Section connecting the student directly with the Grammar Section of the book
    • Ceart na Teanga exam-style questions appear with each comprehension piece to fully prepare students for the new Ceart na Teanga question in the exam
  • Up-to-date Vocabulary is provided on a wide variety of topics, with plenty of questions and sample answers
  • An extensive Grammar Section contains exercises which will thoroughly prepare students for NEW Ceart na Teanga question on the New Leaving Cert Examination Paper as well as enabling students to correctly and accurately write and speak the language
  • Digital versions of 'Sraith Pictiúr' ar available to download from

Minimum Device Requirements 

Please note the following minimum device requirements before you purchase this e-book:


- Models: iPad 2 or later

- Operating System: iOS 7 or later


- Operating Systems: Windows 8 or later

- Device Specification: 2GB RAM, 32GB free hard disk space and WiFi enabled


- Operating System: 4.0 (ICS) or later  
- 1GB Ram, 4GB free storage space and WiFi enabled  

An active and working internet connection is required for the initial login process and the downloading of our e-book content and resources. Please see our Edco Learning brochure for more information

If you are unsure whether or not your device meets the above minimum requirements please e-mail or phone 01-4299257 prior to purchasing.

A single user licence entitles a user to be logged-on to either one of the above device types at any one time.

Class: 5th Year, 6th Year 
Format: Edco e-book
Price: €14.00 (Ex. VAT: €10.78)
Further Information
Also available as:Textbook 
Class:5th Year, 6th Year 
Exam:Leaving Cert
Suitable Levels:Higher Level
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