Breaking Ground 2nd Edition (e-book: 2 Academic Year Licence)

By Carol Cronin & Sandra Tiernan

This is a two academic year licence for the e-book version of Breaking Ground. A new and updated 2nd edition for Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science Higher and Ordinary Level.

  • All sections of the syllabus are covered in detail
  • The authors focus on all aspects of the exam, written and practical
  • Guidelines are included for the completion of the crops and livestock projects and farm layout
  • A wide selection of experiments and investigations are featured
  • Extensive use of photographs and diagrams aids students in plant and animal identification and agricultural concepts
  • New material has been included to cover topics from recent exam papers:
    • Noxious weeds
    • Genetics:cloning and sexed semen
    • Farmyard manure and slurry
    • Fertiliser application and the Nitrates Directive
    • Agricultural machinery (new chapter)
    • Haylage as fodder crop
    • Tramlines and cross-compliance in crops
    • Fostering of lambs
    • Milk testing at creameries
  • Previously unexamined topics are also included
  • Learning objectives are outlined at the start of every chapter and highlight the key concepts in each topic area
  • Literacy boxes help students to understand the language around key concepts
  • Definitions and vocabulary have been colour coded to aid learning and literacy
  • All aspects of agricultural science are explained clearly to aid students from farming and non-farming backgrounds
  • Revision questions and recent exam questions are provided at the end of each chapter
  • Includes a comprehensive glossary and index. 

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- 1GB Ram, 4GB free storage space and WiFi enabled   

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Subject:Agricultural Science 
Class: 5th Year, 6th Year 
Format: Edco e-book
Price: €19.50 (Ex. VAT: €17.75)
Further Information
Class:5th Year, 6th Year 
Exam:Leaving Cert
Suitable Levels:Higher Level, Ordinary Level

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